Our Story

“Physicians Preferred has allowed me to be active with my granddaughters and stop taking narcotics. I suffer from chronic pain in three areas, and I have never felt better. I have never been more impressed by anything. I was always a care provider, and CBD is letting me continue providing care to people and their pets all across the country.”

Ron Kelley
Captain, RN, and Owner of RBK Distributor, LLC

Life Changing Experience

RBK Distributor, LLC. was formed by a retired fire rescue paramedic captain/emergency room and intensive care unit nurse and flight medic who served in Iraq named Ronald B. Kelley. At age 65, he decided to look into alternative treatment options for chronic pain.

Ron was in 2 car accidents and a fall from a helicopter while serving as a flight medic in Iraq. He went through five neck operations, one back operation, and one shoulder operation. This led to him suffering from chronic pain in three different areas. Searching for something to help with his pain, including various creams and pain medications, he experienced poor results and was unable to sleep.

Ron’s wife, Eti, purchased a Physicians Preferred CBD cream. While Ron was skeptical at first, — having tried a few other name-brand creams — he was amazed at the results. It changed his life. While it is not a cure, Ron has found immediate and immense help in relief from his chronic neck, back, and shoulder pains. It’s given him back his life. Now, his pains no longer control him.

After the mind-blowing results of the Physicians Preferred CBD cream and then using the CBD oil for sleep, Ron purchased more products and began distributing them to his relatives and friends. Everyone that Ron reached out to agreed it was helping their pain. Even Ron’s chiropractor is using it in treatments with his patients. Ron recently visited his pain management doctor (an anesthesiologist that specializes in pain management) after trying the CBD cream for his knee pain. His doctor was so pleasantly surprised at the results, he then became a customer and is now referring some of his own patients to Ron.


Seeing the need for relief from chronic pain and how many people these products could help convinced Ron to help others. Many struggle with pain, anxiety, insomnia, and arthritis. CBD has the potential to help a variety of disorders, and Ron could see this. He decided to become a CBD distributor and concentrate on the ones that he has tried and tested.

At RBK Distributor, our goal is to be care-givers, by providing a proven solution to help your health issues. Maintaining good health should be the primary focus for everyone.